I'm that weird girl vlogging in the corner with obnoxious glasses and cat whiskers.

I'm just a blog

  • - I woke up it was seven

  • - I checked my notifications

  • - Just figure out that no one reblogged

  • - I think I got a lot of followers

  • - But I don't hear from them

  • - What's another blog all alone.

  • - When everyday you're scrolling down your dash.

  • - And here it goes

  • - I'm just a blog

  • - And nobody favorites

  • - I'm just a blog

  • - And nobody likes it

  • - Everyone else in the world of Tumblr

  • - Is getting more notes than me

  • - Tonight.

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-Attack on Titan
-Tokyo Ghoul
-Fairy Tail
-Soul Eater
-Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
-Ookami Shoujo to kuro ouji
-Zero no Tsukaima
-Kill la Kill


And everyone knows Marco’s got the Boodty!


Yesterday was October 3rd, so here you go and please raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by Levi Ackerman!

…now that I look at it I made so many mistakes with anatomy and colouring I hate you tablet, aye

Soon I’ll be posting more serious stuff again! Thank you all for so many notes on the victorian Erwin/Levi/Hanji drawing, I browsed the tags and ;__; you’re so kind and aw I’d like to hug you all. 


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Nico was devastatingly alone. He’d lost his big sister Bianca. He’d pushed away all other demigods who’d tried to get close to him. His experiences at Camp Half-Blood, in the Labyrinth and in Tartarus had left him scarred, afraid to trust anyone.

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Nico - getting his ass kicked at Mythomagic by his younger self xD


Nico - getting his ass kicked at Mythomagic by his younger self xD

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i want to open a book store that is 24 hours and people can finally go out at like 2am and be like “i just finished the first book in the series i need the next one stat” or if people are just having a stressful night and want to be surrounded by books

My favorite part about this post is that someone understands that it’s calming to be surrounded by books

a book nightclub.

read responsibly.

Someone make this happen pls.

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day 353: my otp is still not canon